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This book came at just the right time. We had never owned any pets before, but we decided to adopt a cat for my daughter's 6th birthday. We were pretty clueless, but this book shed so much helpful information about cats, their behavior, and needs. I loved the fun writing style of this book. It's told from the perspective of the author's cat herself! I also found the question and long, thoughtful answer format helpful. It's a short but value-packed read. I recommend it for new cat owners, but I'm sure all cat owners will find useful information in The Cat Said What. It's very clear that this author knows her stuff and has our feline friends' best interests at heart.

Yesenia Vargas

Dr. Lester, this book is immensely humorous and very educational. I have had one or more cats all my life. I actually saw my cats in your book. This was, for me, a one-sitting read. Anyone who lives cats should read this. It was great!

Amazon Customer

My owner read me this to me... “The Cat Said What? “By Dr. Paula Lester ....and I was sincerely impressed with it’s message to enlighten Humans concerning proper Feline care. Lily may have technically broken the “Sacred Cat Code of Silence” but she did so with the best of intentions ...and I ..being a female feline also... applaud ( with both paws 🐾) her efforts. Thanks Dr. Lester for allowing Lily a voice...your sensitivity is refreshing...perhaps there is hope for Humans after all. Highly recommended for Felines & Humans alike...Two paws UP!!! I give it 5 Cat Treats.

Jill A. Freeman


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